Diana Lynn Burnham Reiki
Reiki Master. Offices in Amesbury MA and Dover, NH
About the Practitioner

Diana Lynn Burnham, Reiki Master

I specialize in working with chronic pain and long term injuries. I also can help you experience a wonderful relaxation session to help enhance your immunity by reducing your stress and relax your mind. I will make home or hospital visits. When doing home visits, having children &/or pets in area is not a problem. 

I am concentrating on sharing Reiki and energywork in my practice. I found the more I learned and practiced Energywork, the more it was taking over my sessions and my clients found great comfort and relief from stress with the Reiki.  My goal is to use energy therapy to not only give my family a viable income, but also to give back to the community and its citizens. I believe relaxation and therapeutic Reiki is an excellent tool to add in your regimen toward increasing your health and reduce pain.

I am now at 110 Haverhill Road in building C on the third floor as well as bring Reiki to your home or office. I serve Amesbury, MA. to Rochester, NH and all their surrounding areas. You can have the convenience of having a therapist come to you. Whether it is one session just for you or back-to-back for you and a friend. It is also an excellent way for caretakers who have a hard time leaving the house to still get the therapy they need. We can time it to your “quiet time”. If your charges are not asleep, I can easily give energywork to the sound track of “Barney” or "Jeopardy" in the background. Pets in the immediate area are OK.
I enjoy taking my massage chair or table and working fundraisers and sharing the gift of relaxation with as many people as I can. It is a great way to feel the benefits of Reiki in a 10-minute trial size mini-session and raise money for a good cause. 

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